Each child receives a board with an illustration of a pot and a set of vegetables. In a visible place should be placed instructions showing the variants of the dice with the illustrations assigned to them. Each of the children in turn rolls the dice if they draw:

  • one eye – takes tomato into his pot
  • two eyes – takes potato into his pot
  • three eyes – takes a carrot into his pot
  • four eyes – takes the leek into his pot
  • five meshes – takes beetroot into his pot
  • six stitches – he loses all previously harvested vegetables from the pot.

The game lasts until the first child gathers all the vegetables in his pot.

Variant: after laminating the board with a pot and vegetables, you can stick Velcro to them. This will make it easier for children to match the fruit to the shapes in the pot.


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Set contains:

  • 1 board with instructions to the ankle
  • 1 board illustration with a pot
  • 1 board with elements to cut out (vegetables)

soup, dinner, pot, cook, vegetables, vitamins, tomato, beetroot, leek, carrot, potato