Set contains:

  • 1 board with a pizza illustration and a set of 5 tokens
  • 1 board with instructions


Each of the children receives a pizza and a set of tokens with pizza ingredients. In a visible place should be placed instructions showing the variants of the dice with the illustrations assigned to them. Each of the children in turn rolls the dice if they draw:

  • one eye – put on salami pizza
  • two eyes puts a mushroom on the pizza
  • three eyes – put a tomato on the pizza
  • four eyes puts paprika on the pizza
  • five eyes – put the olive on the pizza
  • six eyes – loses all previously collected ingredients.

The game continues until the first child collects all the ingredients on the pizza.

Pobieranie PDF-ów jest dostępne dla zalogowanych użytkowników, posiadających aktywny pakiet.


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