Administrator -  company EKOKAL Tomasz Parys ul. Ustronna 25, 42-660 Kalety NIP 645-233-15-14, REGON 380444751.

User - a natural person, a legal person and an organizational unit without legal personality, visiting the Site or using the services of the Site in the manner specified in the Regulations and for whom an Account has been created.

Service - Internet service operated by the Administrator at, through which the Administrator makes educational aids available to Users (in the form of digital files in .pdf format) and provides other services specified in these Regulations.

Privacy and cookies policy - means the Administrator's privacy and cookie processing policies available on the Site.

Registration - means the process of registering a potential Customer on the Site, using the registration form provided by the Administrator, in order to create an Account.

Regulations - means these regulations defining the rules of use of the Service and the rights and obligations of the Customers and the Administrator.

Personal information - means all information collected during the User's registration on the Website and during the User's use of the Website and its functionalities. Personal Data is processed for the purposes and to the extent indicated in the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Payment operator - Payment institutions within the meaning of Article 2 para. 10A) of the Payment Services Act of August 19, 2011 (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of 2017, item 2003), with which the Service cooperates.

Paying for the Order - confirmed by the Payment Provider debiting the User's bank account or payment card, with the amount specified in the order.


2.1 The Regulations set out the terms and conditions for the provision of electronic services by the Administrator and the use of the service.

2.2 By registering on the Website and ordering a service, the User confirms that he/she is familiar with the terms and conditions and the Regulations for the provision of electronic services by the Operator, and that he/she accepts all provisions of these Regulations.

2.3.The service allows you to make purchases via the Internet.

2.4 The Administrator shall endeavor to make the use of the Website possible for users using all popular Internet browsers, operating systems, device types and Internet connection types. The minimum technical requirements for using the Website are a web browser of at least Internet Explorer 8 or Chrome 16 or Firefox 10 or Opera 11 or Safari 5 or later, accepting cookies + unblocking pop-ups in the browser, and an Internet connection of at least 256 kbit/s.

2.5.Due to the public nature of the Internet and the use of services provided electronically, the Administrator draws attention to the risks associated with the possibility of obtaining and modifying Customer data by unauthorized persons, so Customers should use appropriate technical measures that minimize the risks indicated above. In particular, they should use anti-virus and identity protection programs for Internet use.

2.6 The images of downloadable files presented on the pages of the Service may differ in color from the actual colors due to the different configuration of Customers' computer equipment.

2.7.The information provided on the Website does not constitute an offer by the Administrator within the meaning of the Civil Code, but only an invitation to Customers to submit offers to conclude an Agreement.

2.8 In order to use the Service, the User shall himself/herself have access to a properly configured computer workstation or terminal device, with Internet access .

2.9.It is forbidden for the User to provide content of an unlawful nature, as well as for the User to use the Website, the website or the free services provided by the Website, in a manner contrary to applicable law, good morals, violating the personal rights of third parties or the legitimate interests of the Website.


3.1 Within the scope of the Service, the Administrator provides paid services in the form of making available to Users, within the scope of the granted License, ready-made educational materials in PDF format for conducting educational activities at home or in educational and therapeutic institutions, such as kindergartens, schools, counseling centers and others.

3.2 Access to the services is through the website and requires prior registration on the Service, conclusion of a license agreement and access to its content by accepting these Terms and Conditions, and by placing an order and paying a subscription fee.

3.3 The contracts referred to above are concluded for an indefinite period of time.


4.1 The creation of an Account is voluntary and free of charge, however, failure to create an Account prevents the use of the services provided by the Website, including the ability to make Purchases.

4.2 The creation of an account takes place after proper completion of the registration form located on the Website and subsequent confirmation of registration by entering the appropriate link in the content sent to the User in a message to the email address provided during registration.

4.3 In the registration form, the User provides, among other things, login, password and e-mail address.

4.4 Completion of account registration is subject to acceptance of the content of these Terms and Conditions after reading and understanding them.

4.5 The user logs into the account after entering a valid login and password in the login form.

4.6 The registered account may not be shared by the User with third parties.

4.7. each User whose data is in the Service's database has the right to inspect their data, to correct and delete them.

4.8 The user is obliged to provide true data in the registration form.

4.9. The User acknowledges that in the course of using the Website, including in particular when making a Purchase, the User may be asked to provide additional data not included in the registration form, e.g. telephone number, Tax Identification Number and data allowing the issuance of a VAT invoice.


5.1 The Administrator within the Service, via the Internet, presents downloadable educational aids (in the form of .pdf files).

5.2 Only a User with an Account who has logged into the Service and paid for a download limit package of his/her choice has the ability to download files posted on the Service.

5.3 The User may purchase one of several packages with a download limit presented on the Service. The download limit is unlimited. A detailed description of the individual packages can be found in the Service.

5.4 The purchase of another package with a download limit before the previous one is exhausted or several at the same time will result in the summation of the number of downloads.

5.5 Each time a file is downloaded, the number of downloads is charged negatively. Subsequent downloads of the same file within six hours of the first download do not result in a negative count of downloads. After this time, the negative number of downloads is charged again.

5.6 During the ordering process, the User shall follow the instructions appearing in the Shopping Cart.

5.7 All prices listed on the Website are in Polish Zloty, Euros or US Dollars ( depending on your choice) and include Value Added Tax - VAT.

5.8 The binding price is the price stated when placing an order in the Shopping Cart, after taking into account all Vouchers, Discounts and promotions.

5.9 The download limit packages mentioned above can only be paid for by an adult when placing an order via the online payment system.

5.10. The Administrator reserves the right to refuse to sell a package of downloads to a User in case of violation by him/her of the terms of the Regulations or the provisions of the applicable law.

5.11. Electronic forms of payment, made available on the pages of the Site, are handled by the Payment Operator. Authorization of electronic payments is carried out on the pages of the Payment Operator. The Administrator is not responsible for any errors in the operation of the online payment system.

5.12 The order may be canceled if the transaction fails to be authorized in the electronic payment system by the Payment Provider.

5.13. The Customer has the right to cancel the Purchase until payment for the download limit Package of his choice is made.

5.14. Packages with download limits are launched automatically after payment is made and authorized by the Payment Provider. The day of activation of access to the Service with the download function is the day of conclusion of the contract, while its commencement, occurs before the expiration of the fourteen-day period from the conclusion of the contract, to which the User agrees by accepting these Regulations. The User shall not have the right to withdraw from the contract pursuant to Article 38 of the Consumer Rights Act of May 30, 2014. (Journal of Laws 2014, item 827).

5.15 Upon payment of an order, the User is entitled to receive a VAT invoice. The User authorizes the Administrator to issue a VAT invoice without the recipient's signature and agrees to receive invoices in electronic form.


6.1 In the course of the Purchase, the User is entitled to the use of Discounts and Vouchers that reduce the price for packages with download limits.

6.2 Discounts and Vouchers have a validity period during which the User may use the offered Discount or Voucher.

6.3 Discounts and Vouchers do not combine and cannot be combined with any other promotions.

6.4 The Store's websites may contain information on promotions.

6.5 The Customer shall not have the right to demand from the Administrator the payment of any amount for received Discounts and Vouchers.

6.6. the Customer shall not at any time, including after termination of the Agreement, be entitled to claim payment of any amounts remaining in connection with the Discounts and Vouchers held.

6.7 Customers may not transfer received Discounts and Vouchers to other Customers.


7.1 The Administrator of the User's personal data is EKOKAL Tomasz Parys ul. Ustronna 25, 42-660 Kalety NIP 645-233-15-14, REGON 380444751. The Administrator processes the User's personal data provided by him in the process of registering an account on the Website in order to provide services electronically, i.e. to use the Website, including making purchases on the Website, as well as for marketing purposes, including the sending of a newsletter (in case of expressing proper consent). For more information, please see the Privacy Policy tab.


8.1.The User may file a complaint related to the conclusion of the contract as well as the use of the Service and the operation of download limit packages.

8.2 The User may report a complaint using the following communication channels: by email - to the address: [email protected], by phone - +48 786 99 50 20 or in writing - to the address EKOKAL Tomasz Parys ul. Ustronna 25, 42-660 Kalety

8.3 A complaint should include at least the name, surname and e-mail address and login of the User used to set up the Account, order number, and a description of the reported objections along with the User's request related to the complaint. A complaint submitted in writing should also include the User's mailing address. If the aforementioned data is missing, the Administrator may ask the User to supplement the aforementioned data.

8.4 The Administrator will respond to the complaint within 14 (fourteen) calendar days.


9.1.All materials posted on the Site at are the property of the Administrator (referred to in this part of the Regulations as the Licensor) within the meaning of the Act of February 4, 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights ((Journal of Laws of 1994, No. 27, item 83 as amended) and to this extent are the subject of exclusive protection.

9.2.Licensor represents that:

a) the use of all resources of the Website by the User (referred to as the Licensee in this part of the Terms and Conditions) shall not infringe the rights of third parties;

(b) he is entitled to exclusive and unlimited economic copyright to all resources of the Service;

(c) may dispose of copyrights to all resources of the Service to the extent necessary to enter into and perform the license agreements set forth in this Section. Regulations.

9.3 Upon correct registration in the Service and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, and payment of a package with a download limit, the Licensor grants the Licensee a non-exclusive license for an indefinite period of time to use the resources of the Service through the ability to download, print, reproduce and create materials within a single household and their use to conduct educational activities at home and/or in quantities corresponding to a given group and their use to conduct classes in educational and therapeutic institutions such as kindergartens, schools, clinics or offices.

9.4 Each license agreement concluded by the parties does not include the right to copy (in a paid or unpaid manner other than specified in Section 9.3.), digitally or analogically reproduce, modify and publish any resources of the Service without the express written consent of the Licensor.

9.5 The Licensee shall not acquire the right to make the resources of the Service available to third parties, in a manner different from that specified in Section. 9.3., in particular by allowing them to use the account registered by him/her. Sharing resources downloaded from the Service on the Internet without the consent of the Administrator is prohibited. This applies in particular to private and commercial websites, P2P clients, online forums, online communities, etc. If the above-mentioned situations are detected, the Administrator may direct claims against the identified purchaser for violating the rights to a particular copy of the Service resource.

9.6 The Licensee shall not be entitled to remove the owner's markings, any commercial use of the resources of the Service,

9.7 In the event of violation of the terms of the granted license, the Licensor shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement concluded by the parties without setting an additional period of time, by submitting an appropriate declaration of intent in writing via e-mail. In this regard, the Licensor acquires the right to claim compensation for the resulting damage on general principles.


10.1 The Administrator of the Service is not responsible for the blocking by mail server administrators of the transmission of messages to the email address indicated by the User, and for the deletion and blocking of emails by software installed on the computer used by the User, which is not the fault of the Administrator of the Service.

10.2 In matters not regulated in the Terms and Conditions, the provisions of Polish law, especially the Civil Code, in relation to consumers, the provisions of the Law of June 24, 2014 on consumer rights about and the Law on copyright and related rights shall apply.

10.3 This version of the Regulations is effective as of November 1, 2019.

10.4 The Administrator reserves the right to amend the Regulations for important reasons, and in particular in cases dictated by technical considerations of providing services electronically, as well as amendments aimed at adapting the provisions of the Regulations to compliance with applicable laws.

10.5 The change of the Rules and Regulations shall become effective on the date indicated by the Administrator, not less than 7 days from the moment of sending information about the change of the Rules and Regulations to the User's e-mail address and making the changed Rules and Regulations available on the Site. Purchases made by Users prior to the effective date of amendments to the Regulations are carried out in accordance with the previous provisions of the Regulations.

10.6 If a registered User, does not accept the new content of the Terms and Conditions, he/she is obliged to notify the Administrator within 7 days from the date of notification of the change of the Terms and Conditions.

10.7 Amendments to the Regulations shall not in any way affect the acquired rights of the User who is also a consumer and who used the Service before the date of entry into force of the amendments, in particular, the amendments to the Regulations shall not affect Orders already placed, Agreements concluded or executed.

10.8 If a User is found to be in violation of these Terms of Service, the Administrator may block the User's access to the services provided and call on the User to remove the violations. If the User fails to remove the violations within the time limit set by the Administrator, or if similar violations arise in the future, the Administrator may terminate the contract for the provision of services immediately, without setting a new deadline for their removal.

10.9 The Administrator strives to solve disputes with the User in the first place in an amicable manner, and in case this form failed to produce a result, the competent court to resolve disputes is the court with jurisdiction according to applicable law.

10.10. In case of disputes between the Administrator and a natural person who is not a consumer or a legal entity, the court of local jurisdiction shall be the court having jurisdiction over the Administrator's seat.

10.11. All matters related to the use of the Administrator's services shall be directed to the postal address of the electronic [email protected]

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