Help - or frequently asked questions


What is the Edu-Graphics service?

Service Edu-Graphics is a platform for kindergarten and school teachers and homeschooling parents. It contains teaching aids, worksheets, exercises, decorations ready to print in pdf format.

Is registration with the service necessary?

If we want to download materials - paid or free (worksheets, exercises, decorations and other teaching aids) from the Edu-Grafika website, we need to register and log in. Registration is not required to view the content of the site. 

How do I activate my Edu-Graphics account?

After registering on our site, you will receive a welcome email. In its content at the very bottom there is a link to activate your account. If the email did not arrive then it may have gone to spam in your mailbox. 

I can't remember the password to my account. What should I do?

When you click on the tab My Account under the login window there is an option Don't remember your password? All you have to do is click on it and then enter the email you used to register - you will receive a link to reset your password at the address you entered (check spam too) by clicking on it you will set a new password.

How to download free teaching aids?

All you have to do is create an account, confirm your email and log in.

How to download teaching aids from Edu-Graphics?

It is necessary to create an account and activate it. Then you need to buy a Download Package of your choice - thanks to which you can download all teaching aids available on Edu-Grafika website.

How does the download package work? 

The download package allows you to download teaching aids from the Edu-Graphics website. Each package has an assigned number of downloads to use. The download limit is unlimited. 
Each time a file is downloaded (regardless of the number of pages), the number of downloads is charged negatively. Subsequent downloads of the same file within six hours of the first download do not result in a negative count of downloads. After this time, the negative number of downloads is charged again.

How long does it take to activate a download package after payment?

The download limit packages are activated automatically after payment is made and authorized by the Payment Provider. This usually takes up to a few minutes. 

When will the file be available for download?

When you are logged in and have purchased a download package (for free teaching aids, you only need to be logged in) the DOWNLOAD PDF icon will be active. After pressing it (for paid teaching aids) you will see the message "Downloading the file will reduce the download limit by 1. You will be able to download the file again for the next 6 hours." if you confirm your desire to download the selected material, after a few seconds a window should appear allowing you to save or open the selected file. If this is not the case most likely your browser has blocked pop-ups.
To unblock it, when you try to download the file you should see a message that the browser has blocked the pop-up and then just select allow (preferably always). If this is not the case you can add an exception manually depending on the browser you are using you will find it in: 
Firefox -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> (at the bottom of the tab under Permissions) Block pop-ups -> exceptions
Chrome -> Settings -> Privacy and security -> Site settings -> Pop-ups and redirects -> add in allow
- Safari -> Preferences -> Websites -> Pop-up windows -> at select Allow

Can I get a vat invoice for the download package I purchased?

Yes, if you have a Polish or European VAT number listed in the database of VAT numbers. During the purchase, select the option Invoice for the company? and the corresponding country and provide all the required data. Unfortunately, for companies that have a TIN from outside the EU, it is not possible to purchase on Vat invoice.

When will I receive a vat invoice?

You will receive the invoice electronically (to your email address) as soon as possible, but it may take up to a few days because invoices are currently issued manually.

How to print teaching aids downloaded from Edu-Graphics on a sheet of paper, e.g. A4?

All teaching aids downloaded from Edu-Graphics website are in pdf format. In order to print the downloaded file on a sheet of paper, e.g. A4 format, in the program with which you open the file (most often it will be Adobe Acrobat Reader), select the appropriate paper format and then select fit.

Can I publish pictures of teaching aids downloaded from Edu-Graphics?

Yes, if they depict teaching aids in use (e.g., cut-out worksheets, solved math tasks, finished decorations) or in use (e.g., during preschool activities). We do not agree only to publish reproduction photos i.e. depicting 1-to-1 materials from which teaching aids can be printed directly.

Can I publish downloaded teaching aids and decorations on the Internet?

According to our terms and conditions, materials downloaded from the Edu-Graphics site, cannot be published outside our site.